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Survey on vocabulary and ontology tools

In the case for “The Brønnøysund Register Centre” we have written a survey on vocabulary and ontology tools, including a methodology for comparing tools.
The report Survey on vocabulary and ontology tools is free to download.
In developing this document we have received input from a plethora of experts and stakeholders in Norway, to give this report greater applicability than just to solve a problem in the case for the Register Centre.

The document also includes a methodology for evaluating and choosing tools for managing and working with vocabularies. We have tested this evaluation methodology to find tools that could meet our five use cases.

And based on the methodology in the document we ended up with 4 tools that we are adapting to meet our use cases, these tools will be demonstrated to the identified stake holders.

Evaluation of Vocabulary and ontology tools
The evaluation of the select tools could be found in the report on “Evaluering av klienter for semantic vokabular”, in Norwegian.

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Case Studies

The empirical work in the Semicolon II-project takes place in partner organisations in the public sector. The field work is organised as case studies within a number of areas.

For current status, please contact project manager.

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